Cocoface was born in 2012 when Dash & Charlie met for the first time. Topic of conversation… coconuts.

Why can’t we get them?
Where can we get them?
Why do they taste so good?
How do we  have them every day?

After thinking about these burning issues it was decided that we would take matters into our own hands. We started sourcing the best, freshest and tastiest coconuts that we could find…and like that…Cocoface was born.

We started sharing our obsession with like minded foodies at food fairs and events around London and then began doing home delivery. Whether hand delivered with the help of a train or dropped of in an old BMW convertible, we made sure the joy of fresh coconuts was shared and delivered to YOU!

We soon got a little more sophisticated (just a little) and after supplying many independent grocers, yoga studious, health shops and delicatessens we started wholesaling to high street retailers such as Planet Organic and Whole Foods Market.

We are now operating in Ibiza and the whole  of the UK.

We hope to continue to grow and spread the love that is Cocoface.

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