We know this because we have tried a whole lot of coconuts and coconut water…that’s why we got into this madness in the first place…cos we love coconuts!

Because our coconut water is  RAW and completely UN PASTEURISED they are full of flavour and nutrition. The product is picked off the tree, packed, wrapped and shipped across the ocean to you. It is not tampered with or heated and therefore tastes like a coconut should, and is packed with all the magical elements that make coconut water so special.

Because we source our coconuts from Thailand they taste AMAZING! They are the Nam Hom variety of coconut which are particularly sweet and floral in flavour. There are woody and malty notes that you do not find in many other varieties of coconut water. The flesh is tender and succulent and can be used in smoothies, desserts, salads or eaten straight up.

Coconut water is a fantastic source of nutrients and minerals. Each coconut is packed with naturally occurring electrolytes such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium, chloride and phosphate. These compounds are responsible for many vital processes in our bodies such as muscle, nerve and brain function, blood Ph balance and of course hydration. We lose our bodies natural salts during excursion and it is important to replace them through a healthy diet.

Have fun with our nuts…use them however you please, as a delicious drink, a versatile snack, a fitness aid, sports drink, low sugar child friendly treat, pregnancy booster, cocktail mixer or a hangover cure. In fact tell us how you enjoy yours at [email protected]

Cocoface…from tree to you with love x